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Alex “Onlyjuanalex” – Defining & Maintaining Consistency, Finding Your Jump Rope Tribe, And The Value Of Showing Up (#83)

“Once you reframe what consistency actually is meant to be and what definition of achieving or hitting the target is, consistency becomes way less daunting.” – Alex “onlyjuanalex”

Alex started jumping for recreational fitness in 2019 and has developed his jumping into a very recognizable, snappy style.

We go over his whole journey and I think it will really resonate with everyone, but especially newer jumpers who are learning about the recreational community

We get into so many awesome topics, including how Alex’s jump rope journey has evolved over the years from a fitness exercise to competitive level freestyle, the way he found his jump rope tribe through Instagram, how to define your own definition for consistency, the path to learning high level jump rope skill (spoiler: it comes from consistency), skills Alex has struggled with, why your foundations are so important, how Alex trains his freestyle, and a whole lot more.

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Click here to read the full transcript of this episode.


Show Notes

01:40 How Alex Abdullah Started Jump Roping

05:07 How & When Alex Started Modern Freestyle

09:50 How Alex’s Sport Experiences Transferred To Jump Rope

16:42 Alex’s Method For Staying Consistent

25:06 Skills Alex Struggled With

40:04 Alex’s Current Workout Structure

50:17 Speed Step & Single Under

53:23 What Jump Rope Has Taught Alex

58:46 What is Jump Rope to Alex


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