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Ballet, Quarantine & The Jump Rope Community With Alysia Mattson (#47)

“I just thought it was this really niche thing where I was the only one jump roping—but no! It’s this big awesome community.” —Alysia Mattson

Alysia Mattson has an interesting and serendipitous history with jumping, and has taken the full leap into the jump rope community. She has learned a tremendous amount of skills in a short period of time, accepting that she is now fully obsessed with jump rope. We chat about many things, including Alysia’s history with dance and how that has influenced her jumping, how to own your misses when jumping, how to develop consistent training for handstands and jump rope, ambassadorship within the jump rope space, and much more.

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Kaylee Couvillion 
Nick Woodard
Jimmy Reynolds
Chris Walker
Mr Cendali
Mike Fry
Malini Majithia
Adam Osborne
Lee Reisig


Show Notes

1:18 Where Alysia Is In the World
2:06 Why Did You Start Jumping?
4:59 Alysia’s History with Sports
7:36 Similarities Between Ballet and Jump Rope
10:39 Why Did You Teach Zumba?
13:23 Why Did You Start Training Handstands?
14:03 Where Does Your Energy Come From?
15:27 Why Do Handstands Every Day?
23:35 What Is Your Favorite Jump Rope Skill?
25:24 What Are Your Goals Now With Fitness?
27:08 How Are Your Structuring Your Workouts?
29:29 What Has Surprised You About Jump Rope?
30:42 Ambassadors In Jump Rope
35:41 How Do You Prep For Performances?
39:02 Own Your Mistakes
44:58 The Values Of The Jump Rope Community
54:37 The World Wide Jump Rope Community
1:02:32 Why Do You Travel?
1:07:41 Most Difficult Skill In Jump Rope?
1:12:20 What Do You Want To Accomplish With Jump Rope In the Future?
1:13:38 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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