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Avery Ansah – How to Shift Your Mindset with Jump Rope (#06)

“Jump Rope is a tool. It’s something that I would recommend to people who are in situations where they need an escape.” — Avery Ansah

Avery Ansah (IG: @the_ansah) is a former competitive jump roper, and is best known as the jump rope artist. He has a vast skill set, but is best known for his extremely intricate manipulation and wrapping combinations. Definitely stop by his Instagram page to check it out!

We cover a lot of ground in this episode! We talk about how jump rope rewires a person’s mindset, the struggles that every jumper faces learning new skills, how Avery’s theology degree and faith has shaped his jump rope journey, the two factors that allow Avery to learn skills quickly, and so much more. We also take some time to discuss a darker portion of Avery’s past, when he was using narcotics. He was kind enough to explain a bit of his experience and how jump rope was a significant positive force, helping him recorrect his decisions. I’m extremely appreciative for his willingness to be open, and I know you all will get a lot out of this entire conversation.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

Show Notes

Where he’s from 

How Avery Started Jumping

The Exciting Part of Sports

How Jump Rope Changes Your Mindset

Early influences with Sarah and Sam

Losing Interest in Jump Rope

Getting Caught on Skills

Jump Rope High

Youtube Community

Instagram Community

Learning new skills

Avoiding Injury

Managing injury

Wrapping is Life and Art

How Avery Learns Skills Quickly

Why Avery Stopped Jumping Competitively

Progressing vs Stagnating with Jump Rope Skills

How Avery’s Theology Degree Has Shaped His Jump Rope Journey

Using Jump Rope to Begin a Positive Feedback Loop

What is jump rope to you?

What is your goal with jump rope?

Kip Whip Tips

Jump Rope Skill Names

Selected Links

Dwight Lucas 

Sarah Debrowski

Sam Ashley

Billi Wildi

Adam Jernberg

Hamisi Kondo

Nick Woodard

Devon McMadcray

Zac Tomlinson

Seth Ingram

Porter  Ballard

Hong Kong Rope Skipping Team



Stewart Isaacs

The Tricktionary

Dylan Plummer

Karly Kent

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