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How To Use Social Media For Jump Rope Gains With Bav (#67)

It’s hard enough to keep me interested, but accessible enough not to put me off.” —Bav

Bav is back for round 2! We previously did an impromptu live on Instagram that I posted here because it was that good (it’s episode 63 if you want to check it out). In this episode we start off by jumping into the deep end of a discussion about how to use social media effectively, and why burnout happens for people focused on creating a lot of content. We chat about a lot more topics too, including how to reframe misses, how engineering, programming and jump rope are similar, building confidence by jumping rope, and a bunch more.

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Show Notes

02:20 Why Bav Was In A Creative Rut

09:05 Why Do You Need To Post On Social Media?

22:14 Do It For You

30:03 Creating Jump Rope Tutorials

32:54 When Did You Start Jumping?

36:23 How To View Misses

42:33 Bav’s Jump Rope Training Schedule

45:08 Has The Jump Rope Helped You With Anything?

46:29 Building Confidence With Jump Rope

49:24 Why Bav Became An Engineer

55:18 How Engineering, Programming And Jump Rope Are Similar

58:25 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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