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How To Use Social Media For Jump Rope Gains With Bav (#67)

Published On April 23, 2021

It’s hard enough to keep me interested, but accessible enough not to put me off.” —Bav

Bav is back for round 2! We previously did an impromptu live on Instagram that I posted here because it was that good (it’s episode 63 if you want to check it out). In this episode we start off by jumping into the deep end of a discussion about how to use social media effectively, and why burnout happens for people focused on creating a lot of content. We chat about a lot more topics too, including how to reframe misses, how engineering, programming and jump rope are similar, building confidence by jumping rope, and a bunch more.

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Show Notes

02:20 Why Bav Was In A Creative Rut

09:05 Why Do You Need To Post On Social Media?

22:14 Do It For You

30:03 Creating Jump Rope Tutorials

32:54 When Did You Start Jumping?

36:23 How To View Misses

42:33 Bav’s Jump Rope Training Schedule

45:08 Has The Jump Rope Helped You With Anything?

46:29 Building Confidence With Jump Rope

49:24 Why Bav Became An Engineer

55:18 How Engineering, Programming And Jump Rope Are Similar

58:25 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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