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Bernadette Henry – Journey Of The Underdog Making Progress (#71)

“When I jump rope, I feel like I’m in a different country. I’m not thinking about my stress, I’m not thinking about anything that’s going on in my life. […] I feel good for that amount of time!” — Bernadette Henry

This is a powerhouse episode with the legend Bernadette Henry, founder of Make It Fun NYC! We cover how she got to perform on the Dr. Oz show, the right way to start jumping safely as a beginner, how jumping improves self esteem, Bernadette’s acronym for JUMP – the journey of the Underdog Making Progress – and what it means to her, the benefits of jumping for busy moms, and so much more. Everyone can take something away from our conversation, and it’s especially great for new jumpers or someone thinking about starting to jump rope.

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Show Notes

01:36 The Beginning Of Bernadette’s Jump Rope Journey

06: 36 How Bernadette Created Her Jump Rope Style

11:49 Similarities Between Jump Rope And Zumba

13:27 How Make It Fun NYC Was Created

15:59 The Importance Of Educating New Jumpers

19:37 How To Stay Safe While Jumping

22:14 The Benefit Of Jump Rope For Busy Moms

26:04 How Jump Rope Improves Self-Esteem

27:44 Being A Mother Of Children With Special Needs

30:16 How Bernadette Stays Optimistic And Overcame Trauma

32:29 J.U.M.P. – Journey Of The Underdog Making Progress

37:39 Creating Your Jump Rope Style

44:02 Jump Rope Is An Evolving Journey

48:42 How Bernadette Structure Her Workouts

50:40 What Bernadette Learned From Jump Rope

55:04 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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  1. Bernadette Henry

    This was an AMAZING interview Nate. I definitely appreciate you. You are a LEGEND 🙂 J.U.M.P.

    • Nate K-G

      It was so much fun hearing about your story and getting to connect!! Thank you again for chatting with me! 😁


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