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Jump Rope Community Foundations with Billy Wildi (#19)

Jump rope was the first activity I had as a notable creative outlet. Whenever I’ve been creative in other domains […] or publish my own work, I’ve always had that model in my mind.” — Billy Wildi

Billy Wildi (IG: @BilltWildi, YT: @BillytWildi) is a long-time jumper, from the UK. I’ve technically known Billy digitally for over 10 years, as we both used to create and post jump rope videos on YouTube when we were first learning our skills. We haven’t ever chatted over the phone before, so this was an extra fun conversation, getting to discuss “the old days” with somebody who shared a decent portion of that time with me. We chat about so much in this episode, including the early youtube network of jumpers, changes in training over the years, Billy’s favorite skills, frustrations with jump rope, and a bunch more.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

Selected Links

Billy’s YouTube Channel

Celina Furman

Dylan Plummer

Rx Smart Gear

Sibu Sodo

Lee Reisig

The Jump Rope Tricktionary

Chris Walker

Bobby Starsky

Jump Rope Challenges

Show Notes

1:37 Where Billy Lives

2:20 Fitness in Billy’s Life

5:42 The Excitement of Running

6:32 Training for Long Distance Running

7:57 Finding Jump Rope

13:37 Training Jump Rope

16:05 YouTubers Billy Followed

21:30 Jump Rope and Fitness Over The Years

26:10 The Early Youtube Network

29:14 How Billy Connected with Chris and Bobby

36:42 Changes In Training Over the Years

40:17 Frustration While Jumping

43:07 Teachings from Jump Rope

46:17 Billy’s Jump Rope Timeline

47:30 Billy’s Favorite Skill

52:45 What is Jump Rope to You?

54:27 Billy’s Professional Career

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