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Brian Hsu – The Current State of Jump Rope, Most Undervalued Techniques In 2022, and Practicing Mindful Jumping (#77)

“For me, it was learning to be more mindful about jump rope and pretty much everything that I do. Those moments of being very clear about why you’re doing something, and being fully present, have just been huge for me.” — Brian Hsu

Brian and I first talked on an episode back in 2019 and we’ve connected again to recap the current state of the jump rope world. In case you missed the first episode, Brian is a very accomplished 16-time world champion who also co-founded the American Jump Rope Federation.

We cover a wide range of topics, including the process to host a virtual national tournament, the two most undervalued techniques in jump rope right now, physiologic changes during very long speed step runs, new competition formats that could foster growth in the sport, limitations and growth during the pandemic, defining what “new” jump rope skills are, and a whole lot more.

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Click here to read the full transcript of this episode.


Show Notes

01:41 What Is It Like Trying To Run A Virtual Tournament?

06:03 Performing vs. Filming Competitive Routines

07:46 How Different Countries Train Competitive Routines

10:40 Recent Double Dutch Fusion

11:42 Thoughts On “Battle” Competition Style

14:32 What Changes Would You Make To Competitive Rules?

16:41 Physiologic Changes With Long-Duration Speed Step Runs

23:28 Improving Lower Back Injuries

25:03 Jumping Around Other People At The Gym

27:43 Un-Learning Competitiveness As A Jumper

30:29 Jumping Limitations & Growth During The Pandemic

31:18 Rehabbing Lower Back Injury

35:36 A New Language For Jump Rope

48:08 Defining “New” Jump Rope Skills

50:32 Skills That Brian Created (Crazy Wrap, Shoemaker, Spider)

58:25 How Often Are New Skills Created?

1:11:46 The Two Most Undervalued Techniques In Jump Rope Right Now

1:13:43 Being Mindful With Jump Rope (And Life)

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