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Carly Simpson & Chris Brown – Progressing The Sport Of Jump Rope: Next Steps, Important History, And Valuable Resources (#74)

One of the things that I took back to the team was making sure that you’re not overtraining your athletes, and developing a rotation to ensure we’re developing enough physical fitness training without using a rope.” — Carly Simpson

Carly Simpson and Chris Brown are world champion jumpers and hosts of The Rope Wrap podcast!

We completely into the weeds with competitive jump rope culture in this episode, and it’s awesome! If you’re not a competitive jump rope coach or jumper, you’ll still dig it. but know that we bring up a bunch of references here. We get into so many detailed subjects about competitive teams and international organizations, including creating pathways for new jumpers to get involved with the sport, the history of international competition rules and their influence on how athletes participate in the sport, how to structure competitive team training to avoid athlete burnout, and how to progress the sport

We also chat about some lighter things too like favorite performances, choreographing all of the routines in the Disney movie “Jump In!,” learning the push up pull through for the first time, training for world championships, and more.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify, Google, AmazonStitcher and Overcast.

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Show Notes

01:43 How Carly Simpson Started Competitive Jump Rope

03:12 How Chris Brown Started Competitive Jump Rope

05:02 Learning The Push Up Pull Through For The First Time

06:54 All Of The Teams Carly Simpson Has Jumped With

09:47 Chris Brown’s History With Different Jump Rope Teams

11:45 Chris’ University Experience

13:01 Chris’ Involvement With World Jump Rope

14:25 When Carly Joined Rope Skipping Canada

17:42 International Jump Rope Competition History, Rules, And Changes

25:04 World Championships That Carly And Chris Attended

26:07 Should Jump Rope Athletes Be “Well-Rounded” And Avoid Specialization?

31:04 How Carly Structures Training For Her Team

33:46 Carly’s Experience Training Actors For The Disney “Jump In!” Movie

38:00 Chris’ Favorite Performances

40:27 Training For Fusion Double Dutch Contests

42:37 How Take Advantage During Moments Of Increasing Attention Towards The Sport

44:47 Creating Pathways For People To Get Involved With The Sport

51:10 How To Grow A Jump Rope Team

57:46 Long Term Athlete Development

1:01:59 What Limits Progress In The Sport?

1:10:32 Chris’ Experience On The “Golden Age” All Star Team

1:15:42 Detailed Breakdown Of Carly’s Team Training Structure

1:26:53 Chris: What Is Jump To You?

1:27:37 How Carly And Chris Became A Couple Through Jump Rope

1:32:20 Carly: What Is Jump Rope To You?

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