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Defining Jump Rope “Coaches,” How to Use Social Media, and the History of Skill Names with Celina Furman and Chris Walker (#81)

“The other thing is to not compare yourself to other people, that jump rope is your journey. You are seeing highlights of other people. You are seeing what they are choosing to share. You are not seeing for most people, their practice, the amount that they practice, their frustration, their aches and pains, their training.” – Celina Furman

Celina Furman and Chris Walker are two of my favorite jumpers to hang with and talk all things jump rope. I’ve done separate podcasts with Celina and Chris individually, but I thought it would be fun to have them both on together, and it was indeed a blast haha.

Celina is a lifelong competitive and performance jump roper, with an extensive history in the sport. She also was a founding member of the A2 jump rope club at the University of Michigan.

Chris is a jump rope coach and owner of the Jump Rope Company, making some of the best ropes out there. He’s always doing work to support the growth of adult recreational jump rope

This is a fun episode because Celina comes from the competitive sport side of jump rope, and Chris comes from the adult recreational side, which made for a VERY fun, mixed conversation.

We get into a lot in this episode including defining what a jump rope coach is, the differences between coaching and giving tips, undoing bad jump rope habits, whether or not jump rope is bad for your knees, the best surfaces to jump on, a brief history of how long jump rope skills have been around and where their names came from, the reason why we don’t need new names for these skills, how to use social media to help your jump rope journey, and a lot more!


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Click here to read the full transcript of this episode.


Show Notes

02:01 What Is A “Jump Rope Coach?”

06:02 How To Choose The Right Coach

10:08 The Importance Of A Coach’s Knowledge

16:41 Knowing Your Goal With Jump Rope

26:46 Celina’s Injury

28:45 Changing Bad Form

35:58 Is Jump Rope Bad for Your Knees?

38:48 The Best Jumping Surfaces

43:44 Jump Rope Skill Name History

52:39 New Methods Of Jump Rope Coaching

01:05:59 How To Use Social Media Effectively

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