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Dominating Jump Rope Fitness with Chad Gonzalez (#46)

“Know why you’re doing it. Don’t do it for the attention of others.” —Chad Gonzalez

Chad Gonzalez has been jumping for a long time now, and he’s easily one of the most consistently versatile jumpers I know. He uses just about every single jump rope style for every purpose – whether that’s a brutal endurance workout, a freestyle skill training session, a hybrid strength program, or really anything else. Chad has some solid perspective and shares a lot about how to make time for jump rope, how to handle being made fun of for jumping, ways to change up your workouts and integrate all styles of jumping, how to use social media for connection, and a lot more.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcher and Overcast.

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Show Notes

01:24 Where Are You In The World?
01:45 How Did You Pick Up A Rope For The First Time?
04:34 Rocky Balboa
09:46 Mindset When Being Made Fun Of
13:45 Chad’s Workout Style
25:57 How to View Different Ropes & Educational Material
28:46 When Chad’s Workouts Evolved
31:16 Heavy Ropes
33:27 Making Time To Workout While Having Children
39:51 Frustrations with Jump Rope
46:07 Has Jump Rope Taught You Anything?
47:11 What Do You Want To Accomplish with Jump Rope?
50:31 What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?
54:30 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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