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Competitive Jump Rope Coaching and More with Adam Osborne (#27)

When I’m on the floor, I’m a completely different person because I’m just in the moment having an absolute blast!” — Adam Osborne

Adam Osborne (IG: @adam.osborne20) is a competitive jumper that’s competed at the Grand National level, and has also staffed at several of the largest workshops in the U.S. We dive into a lot of different topics, including jump rope skills that require two or more people, some of Adam’s favorite performances, coaching at workshops, and a whole lot more. 

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

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Show Notes

1:24 Where Are You From?

2:33 What is AAU Junior Olympics Like?

3:35 What Other Sports Have You Done?

5:43 What Performances Have You Done?

7:29 All Different Styles of Jump Rope

17:30 Have You Had a Teammate Injury?

21:52 What Is Your Favorite Place You’ve Jumped?

24:29 What Is a Standard Workshop Like?

30:00 What Is Your Favorite Skill to Teach?

39:55 What Are You Hoping to Accomplish With Jump Rope?

46:35 Has Jump Rope Taught You Anything?

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