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Coaching and Learning Competitive Jump Rope with Susahnn Valente-Olsen (#05)

“That’s also something that’s big in my coaching—learning to reward the effort and not necessarily the outcomes” —Susahnn Valente-Olsen

Susahnn Valente-Olsen (IG: @thejumproper) is a multi-decade jump roper with  a wide breadth of knowledge. Not only is she well-versed in the world of competitive jump rope, but she also has a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management. She has spent quite a few years in the nonprofit world, doing fundraising, administration, program development and organizational culture. A large portion of this nonprofit work was spent with Playworks, a national nonprofit the believes in the power of play to bring out the best in every kid. Her program provided safe and healthy play to students ranging from 5-15 years old. So when it comes to nonprofit work and coaching, Susahnn has a lot of experience to draw from.

If you’re new to competitive jump rope, this episode will give you a great perspective of the sport’s culture through a coach’s eyes. We talk about goal setting, women in the sport, increasing youth exercise through jump rope, adult jump rope learning, and a whole lot more. Susahnn brings many great coaching tips and techniques to the table, so you will be walking away with lots of tactical information to implement with your team or yourself.

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Show Notes

Susahnn’s history with Jump rope (0:45)

How has jump rope evolved for you over the years? (1:31)

Traveling to East Africa (2:55)

How to Coach Jump Rope and Advance the Sport (5:40)

Expectations for Jump Rope Practice (12:07)

Viewing Jump Rope as a Fitness Tool from a Competitive Jumper Perspective (12:47)

What Competitive Jumpers Can Learn from Fitness-Focused Jumpers (13:43)

Who are you watching? (15:26)

Jump Rope Skill Loss and Regaining Past Abilities (15:55)

Free Play with Youth Jumpers (19:43)

Tracking and Measuring Jump Rope Improvement (20:56)

Goal Sheet and Creating Sustained Motivation (21:55)

Owning Our Accomplishments (25:15)

Types of Jump Rope Bodies and Styles (29:46)

Women in Jump Rope (31:01)

Making Jump Rope Accessible for Youth and Adults (38:37)

Learning jump and remembering form (??)

Explaining Boxing Style Jump Rope (39:39)

Why Jumping Is Easier to Learn As a Kid (42:34)

Understand the Purpose of Your Jumping (45:10)

Peak Athletic Jumping vs. Gym gains (45:39)

Embracing the Skill Learning Process (47:04)

What is jump rope to You? (49:30)

Selected Links

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One World One Rope

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Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

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Karly Kent

Sonny Smith 

Jimmy Reynolds

Hseth Burch

Chris Holmes

LJ LaVecchia

Hot Dog USA

Kaylee Couvillion

Kelsey Moe Porter

Lee Reisig

Lindsey Wallace Sneij

Melinda Everett (USA Jump Stars)

Pam Evans

Zac Tomlinson

Tori Boggs

Luke Boon

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