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Declan McCarthy – Discovering Jump Rope and Managing OCD with Fitness (#04)

“Of course, once I fell in love with it, it became like a game. What new trick can I learn next?” —Declan McCarthy

In this episode, I talk with Declan McCarthy, @decmcc10 on instagram. Declan is a truly amazing guy, and this was actually the first time we’ve spoken  live. We get into a lot of different topics, including the evolution of Dec’s training style, the major we both started with at university, and his journey with OCD.

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a multi-faceted condition, and Dec does a phenomenal job unpacking the different elements and explaining what it’s like to live with OCD. It really envelops the mind, and I’m extremely grateful for his willingness to discuss the difficulties he’s faced. I have so much respect for this guy! At one point, we discuss, given the opportunity, whether or not he would change everything he’s gone through. His answer surprised me, and I think it might surprise you as well.

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Show Notes

Declan’s Podcast (2:30)

Declan’s Fitness and Sport Beginnings (4:09)

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? (7:20)

Therapy and Managing OCD (18:05)

Converting Stones to Pounds (20:55)

The Symbiotic Relationship of Physical and Mental Health (21:22)

Declan’s History with Fitness (22:29)

Declan’s Strategy for Nutrition (23:59)

How Declan Found Jump Rope (25:12)

Learning Jump Rope (28:38)

Current Jump Rope Training (30:45)

Becoming a Personal Trainer (33:00)

Developing Jump Rope Style (36:22)

The Power of Social Media (38:39)

If You Could Change Anything, Would You? (42:37)

Studying Film at University (43:19)

What is Jump Rope to You? (44:18)

The Jump Rope High (45:17)

Time of Day to Work Out (45:48)

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