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The Culture and Origins of Competitive Jump Rope with Chris Holmes (#03)

“[Jump Rope] is something that anybody can learn, but you can spend a lifetime trying to master.” — Chris Holmes 

Chris Holmes, (IG: @jumpropevideos, is a former jump rope world champion, and has been involved with the sport for over 30 years. He’s performed and taught in 11 countries, and has won several championships at both national and worldwide competitions. Chris is currently a board member of the American Jump Rope Federation. 

Needless to say, Chris knows jump rope really well! During our conversation, we dive into so many great topics, including competition structure, notable jump ropers, the origin stories of many different jump skills, the current state of competitive jump rope, and so much more. Many of the skills we discuss are better visualized than heard, and you can find the hyperlinks below. 

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

Show Notes

Brief History of Competitive Jump Rope (2:00)

Competitive Jump Rope Team Practices (4:03)

Workshops and the Culture of Competitive Jump Rope (5:47)

Creating New Jump Rope Skills: Past and Present (8:14)

Mike Fry (13:48)

Double Dutch Skill: Subway (16:05) [bonus video from Nate]

Double Dutch Skill: Grand Central Station (16:53)

Hot Dog USA Community Show Video (18:00)

Tournament Structure for Jump Rope (18:14)

Jump! The Documentary (20:16)

Countries with Competitive Jump Rope (22:13)

Jump Rope and the Olympics (23:36)

Categories and Styles of Jump Rope (25:30)

The Jump Rope Flow State (27:07)

Double Dutch Flow State (27:44)

World Record 3 Minute Speed (29:00)

Competitive Freestyle Judging Criteria (32:18)

Competitive Jump Rope Presentation Scores (33:39)

Where Chris has Travelled for Jump Rope (36:15)

Jump rope in CrossFit and General Fitness (37:08)

What is Jump Rope for Chris? (40:01)

Selected Links

Bailey Andrus

Porter Ballard

Seth Ingram

Mike Fry

Hamisi Kondo

Hot Dog USA

Nick Woodard Instagram, YouTube, Website

Jeff Maus

Stewart Isaacs

Jimmy Reynolds

Sonny Smith

Chris Walker

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