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Innovating The Jump Rope With Dave Newman (#53)

“Being a good coach is not having a big ego, it’s knowing that everybody has something to offer and can teach you something valuable.” – Dave Newman

On this episode I talk with the owner and founder of Rx Smart GearDave Newman. People ask me all the time where my relationship with Rx Smart Gear began, and this conversation will explain that – it’s all about the philosophy Dave has created and continues to bring to fitness and the jump rope world. Dave has been and continues to be one of the greatest mentors I’ve had , both within jump rope and in other realms of life. I have a long history with Dave, and I’m really pumped to bring some of that to you with this conversation. For anyone that is new to jumping, we cover rope sizing and how to view jump rope IN DETAIL. For those that are more experienced or are competitors, you’ll really like the way Dave breaks down the craft of jump rope and how he explains it. We get into other topics, such as how to use a jump rope for boxing, overcoming a sedentary lifestyle, how Dave started selling his ropes, and how Dave created his coaching methodology.

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Show Notes

2:06 Dave’s RC Cars
9:30 Dave’s History With Fitness
14:18 Thinking Critically About Coaching Material
19:56 How Fitness Changed After Being In Real Estate
21:55 Fixing A Sedentary Lifestyle
30:50 Learning The Different Movements Of CrossFit
39:58 Dave’s First Experience With A Jump Rope
45:05 Getting Better With Doubles
49:50 Creating The Ideal Jump Rope
1:06:32 Using Jump Rope For Boxing
1:11:51 The Value Of Coaches
1:14:35 Why Dave Started Selling Ropes
1:26:52 First Time Selling Ropes At CrossFit Sectionals
1:44:16 Why Create New Types Of Jump Ropes?
1:55:58 Dave’s Thoughts On Entrepreneurship
2:05:12 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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