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How To Build Authentic Habits & Enjoy Jump Rope Forever With Deana AKA Jump Rope Gal (#76)

It’s a lifestyle and that’s not going to change because we genuinely enjoy it. This has nothing to do with the numbers on the scales, this has nothing to do with the amount of adipose on my body… This makes me feel like me.” — Deana “Jump Rope Gal”

I’ve known Deana (AKA Jump Rope Gal) for a few years now. You can find her on YouTube and Instagram. She’s been on the podcast before, episode 36 with her “jump rope band” Mel and Kyle. If you dig this episode, you’ll likely dig that one too.

Today we get into so many topics that all revolve around being the most authentic version of yourself. We discuss why Deana doesn’t prefer the term “fitness,” identifying unspoken assumptions when making decisions, defining discipline and how it relates to jump rope, things to know as a beginner, and a lot more. Deana definitely delivers a big dose of positivity in this episode, so if you’ve been stuck lately for any reason you’ll really enjoy what Deana has to say.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify, Google, AmazonStitcher and Overcast.

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Show Notes

02:11 How Deana Started Jumping

04:59 Deana’s History With Different Sports

14:28 Why Deana Doesn’t Prefer The Term ‘Fitness’

20:04 Identifying Unspoken Assumptions When Making Decisions

22:30 Follow Your Curiosities

27:30 How To Approach Intuitive Nutrition Choices

41:25 Where Deana’s Optimism Comes From

44:15 Defining Discipline, And Explaining How To Use It To Build Habits

53:07 Real Progress Is Not Glamorous

55:52 Skills That Frustrate Deana

58:31 Skills Take Longer To Unlock As You Get Better

1:01:28 What To Know As A Beginner Jumper

1:07:09 What Is Jump Rope To You?

1:08:51 You Can Jump However You Choose

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