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Strongman Training & Jump Rope with Dustin Glass (#41)

“Ever since I’ve started jumping rope, I feel sharper in my movements.” —Dustin Glass
In this episode I have a chat with Dustin Glass. This is a power house episode as Dustin and I discussed a huge variety of different topics. You’ll soon find out that Dustin is a super humble and hilarious guy, and though not all of our stories are directly jump rope related, they all tie into his jump rope fitness journey. We chat about maintaining motivation when you hit skill blocks, who should be creating jump rope tutorials, restructuring training to keep it fun, and how to minimize cognitive load to maximize fitness goals.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

Show Notes

1:30 Where In The World Is Dustin Glass?
3:30 Dustin, The Extroverted Interovert
7:13 What Were Your Early Workouts?
9:30 How Did You Stay Motivated?
11:12 Follower Count vs. Authenticity
17:47 What Was Difficult About Teach For America?
19:47 What Lessons Did You Learn From Teach For America?
21:55 How Did Teach For America Impact Your Weight-Loss?
24:40 Power Lifting and Weight Loss
28:02 Why Did You Gain Weight?
32:56 Similarities Between Jump Rope and Strength Communities
35:07 What Is The Status Of Your Fitness Now?
40:25 How Has Quarantine Affected Your Workout Routine?
45:00 Strength and Freestyle Training
48:00 Engaging The Mind and Body
51:00 Jumping rope, strengthening the mind
56:00 Hard Upfront, Easier Down The Road
1:05:50 What Are Your Current Jump Rope Goals?
1:07:00 Enjoyment: The Key To Losing Weight
1:08:20 Intermittent Fasting
1:14:20 How Nutrition Affects Your Body
1:17:40 Meal Prepping, Shopping Lists, & Cooking
1:21:00 Teach for America, Applied To Jumping Rope
1:25:00 Innovation & Skill
1:35:30 Social Media, Pros And Cons
1:49:00 Let’s Find Similarities With People
1:52:30 How We Can Continue Community Growth
1:55:30 What Has Jump Rope Taught You?
2:01:00 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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