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An Intellectual Jump Rope Deep Dive With Dylan Plummer (#60)

You don’t just have to focus on the physical aspect of jump rope. It’s an extremely mental sport as well!” —Dylan Plummer

Dylan Plummer is is a decorated competitive jump rope athlete, and one of the original jumpers who used to post to YouTube over a decade ago. Dylan and I originally met digitally during those YouTube days, but this is actually the first full conversation we’ve had! And we go very deep on this one. We start out discussing his computer science profession and how he’s using machine learning in the biology field (which is extremely interesting), and then we move into more jump rope focused topics such as the accessibility of information in our sport, how the impossible becomes possible, whether or not older jumpers over 20 can be faster than youth, and a whole lot more.

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Show Notes

1:16 Programming & Dylan’s Professional Life

10:01 Why Dylan Began Making YouTube Videos

14:02 Accessibility Of Information

16:44 Is Jump Rope A Unique Sport?

18:09 How To Develop Creativity

21:22 Different Skill Types Develop At Different Speeds

26:57 Why Dylan Created The Tricktionary

32:14 Jump Rope Systems

35:03 Defining A Jump Rope Style

37:36 Dylan’s Top Jump Rope Accolades

39:30 What It Takes To Be A World Champion

44:50 How The Impossible Becomes Possible

50:18 Are Young Jumpers The Fastest?

1:01:14 Competitions And Leagues

1:09:29 What Dylan Wants To Achieve With Jump Rope In The Future

1:11:59 What Would Your Younger Self Think Of You Now?

1:14:20 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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