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Examining Sport Jump Rope with Grand World Champion Brian Hsu (#16)

The creation of your routine is a puzzle and you can’t jam pieces in where they don’t fit.” — Brian Hsu

Brian Hsu (IG: @shoe_b) is a 16-time world champion, with many other competitive awards and accolades behind his name. In addition to his competitive experience, Brian is also the co-founder of the American Jump Rope Federation. Brian has an incredible amount of experience with some of the top-level teams in the sport, and he brings a lot of great stories and learnings to our conversation. This discussion includes competitive freestyle routine scoring, favorite skills and stunts, how to create leadership on jump rope teams, bridging the knowledge gap in jump rope, and a whole lot more!

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

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Show Notes

1:24 Brian’s Jump Rope History

3:07 The Difference Between Jump Rope Teams

4:33 Brian’s Training

7:05 Brian’s Method for Learning Jump Rope Skills

10:30 The Team Dynamics of Legends

12:08 Coaching Jump Rope Teams

13:56 How to Create Leadership on Teams

14:57 Balancing Skill Development and Fun

16:23 Competitive Routine Planning

17:55 Scoring Competitive Jump Rope Routines

22:22 Current Growth in Competitive Jump Rope

27:50 Brian’s Competitive Accomplishments

31:24 Favorite Sequences and Stunts

35:16 Most Exciting Element of Jump Rope

37:12 Organizational Models for Jump Rope

39:14 Maintaining Drive to Progress Forward

41:26 Bridging the Gap of Understanding

45:21 Future Goals for Jump Rope

47:32 Favorite Place to Jump

48:25 Lessons Learned from Jump Rope

52:33 What is Jump Rope to You?

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