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Exploring the World of Jump Rope with Johnjo Riguera (#29)

The biggest thing that changed when I started to improve the most was my rope length” — Johnjo Riguera

On this episode I talk with Johnjo Riguera. Johnjo has been jumping for a little over one year, and we really dive into his experience with jump rope so far. We cover a lot of ground, including how Johnjo learned beginner skills, overcoming feeling discouraged with new skills, the importance of having the correct rope size, training skills that are above your current jumping level, and lot more!

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

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Show Notes

1:45 Where Johnjo is Located

3:21 Johnjo’s Shoulder Injury

4:18 What Was Your Original Goal with Jump Rope?

5:07 How Johnjo Learned Beginner Skills

8:00 Why Johnjo Bought His Next Rope

9:35 Did Your Workouts Shift Over Time?

14:02 Johnjo’s Experience with Running

15:21 How Have You Developed Your Style?

16:31 Did You Ever Feel Discouraged Trying a Skill?

18:20 Current Training Methods

19:53 Other Hobbies and Activities Johnjo Enjoys

21:06 What Would Your Old Self Think About You Now?

22:08 How Do You Keep Your Motivation Up?

22:56 What Is Your Favorite Jump Skill?

26:48 What Do You Hope to Accomplish with Jump Rope in the Future?

33:36 What Skill Really Clicked For You?

35:08 Learning Skills Higher Than Your Current Level

39:39 When Did You Get a Beaded Rope?

41:49 How Often Do You Change the Size of Your Rope?

42:38 What Has Jump Rope Taught You?

44:42 What Is Jump Rope to You?

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