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Finding Freedom in Jump Rope with Geraldo Alken (#32)


“I’m experiencing so much joy from this, I want to give other people the same experience I have. Why not inspire as many people with it as I possibly can?”  — Geraldo Alken

Geraldo Alken is probably one of the fastest growing jumpers I’ve seen, and after a brief phone call offline I knew I wanted to have him on the podcast. In addition to jump rope skill, Geraldo has a huge amount of business and marketing knowledge. And that is the focus of this show because I know a lot jumpers selling either ropes or coaching services who can directly benefit from what he has to say. If you’re not into business, don’t worry because we still cover a lot of Geraldo’s history and mission with jump rope. And if you are a jumper that has a business, get ready because this episode has a lot of tangible action steps you can use.
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Jump Rope Dudes

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Elevate Rope

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Show Notes

1:15 How Geraldo Started Jumping

1:49 How Geraldo Found the Online Jump Rope Community 

2:57 How Have Your Workouts Changed?

6:02 Other Hobbies In Addition to Jump Rope

7:20 Geraldo’s History with Business

17:25 Why Business Inspires Geraldo

21:10 Was Learning Digital Marketing Easy?

23:03 What Tips Would You Give to Jumpers That Own a Business?

26:01 Why Geraldo Started Selling Jump Ropes

35:29 Tips to Grow Social Media Following

38:44 What is Jump Rope to You?

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