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Finding Your Fitness with Bobby Williams (#30)

Jump rope has taught me that if you want to do anything in life, an important factor is to make sure you enjoy it.” — Bobby Williams

Bobby Williams and I have known each other for over year, and had the opportunity to meet and jump when he visited Southern California in June of 2019. Even though we’ve known each for a while, this was the first time we really sat down and discussed Bobby’s story with jump rope. We get into a lot of different topics, including getting stronger over time, how Bobby structures his workouts, how to find the style of fitness that matches you, and a whole lot more.
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Show Notes

1:52 How Bobby Found Jump Rope

5:456 Learning the Mic Release

6:457 Traveling to the US

13:35 What Were Your Original Training Sessions Like?

15:19 How Bobby Structures His Workouts

20:29 How Does Jump Rope Fit Into Your Fitness Now?

26:39 Getting Stronger Over Time

34:23 The Most Satisfying Skill To Accomplish

39:24 The Story Behind Bobby’s Instagram Name

42:39 Has Jump Rope Taught You Anything?

43:53 Finding the Fitness that Matches You

54:11 What Is Jump Rope to You?

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