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Jump Rope Injury Prevention With Physical Therapist Francis Feraren (#69)

“Don’t hasten things just because you want to unlock [a new skill] today. You have to learn the biomechanics needed, and then eventually everything will follow.” – Francis Feraren

Francis Feraren is a registered Physical Therapist and an avid recreational jumper. We originally connected on a live I was doing where Francis was sharing some thoughts on injuries, and I knew I wanted to bring that great information to the podcast. So that’s exactly what we did! We discuss loads of different subjects, starting with healing from ankle sprains, flat footedness, shins splints, and jumpers knee (yes, we cover some major territory on injuries), we chat about how Francis structures his training sessions, what drives Francis to keep improving, learning patience from jump rope, and a bunch more!

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Show Notes

01:36 Why Francis Decided To Become A Physical Therapist

05:26 The Difference Between Physical Therapists And Certified Personal Trainers

07:49 General Tips On Recovering After An Ankle Sprain

11:46 In Person Physical Therapy Vs. Telemedicine

15:00 Jump Rope Shin Splints Cause, Prevention And Treatment

27:39 “Flat Foot” Condition, Plantar Fasciitis & Jumper’s Knee

32:57 When Francis Started Jump Roping

37:23 How Francis Structures His Jump Rope Training Sessions

42:06 The Best Rope To Learn The Mic Release

44:59 Learning The Mamba Release

48:09 Becoming Obsessed With Jump Rope

51:14 What Drives Francis To Keep Improving

54:59 Does Francis View Himself As A Practitioner Or Teacher?

1:00:43 Patience And Not Comparing Yourself To Others

1:05:44 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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