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Grim Leaper – Learning Speed Step Training And Improving Peak Athletic Performance (#75)

I don’t believe anyone can be held down if they allow themselves to push hard enough. I see [competitive jump rope] and I know it’s possible, so the next step is figuring out how to start.” — Grim Leaper

Grim Leaper and I have known each other for several years now (before the pandemic even!), and we’ve have loads of incredible conversations about jump rope, the sport, speed training, freestyle, etc. We also tend to heckle each other a bunch, which is hilarious and always makes me laugh. As a heads up, there’s lots of profanity in today’s episode haha so consider yourself warned.

Grim and I chat about loads of topics, including his journey from recreational to competitive jumper, how to get yourself moving when you have low motivation, performance enhancement compounds in sports, being open to all styles of jumping, specialization in the sport of jump rope, a huge section dedicated to speed step training and how to start, and loads more.

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Show Notes

01:45 How Grim Found Jump Rope

04:34 Why Grim Wanted To Learn Competitive Jump Rope

06:55 The Jump Rope Gap Of Knowledge

09:05 How To Get Yourself Moving When You Have Low Motivation

12:12 Falling In Love With Jump Rope

13:35 Learning Details About Meal Plans

15:42 How Grim Researches New Subjects

17:18 All Things Performance Enhancement

27:20 How To Train As A Competitive Jumper

32:20 Takeaways From How Professional Cyclists Train

37:02 Specialization In Competitive Jump Rope

38:41 Research That Would Benefit The Sport Of Jump Rope

40:39 What Age Is Best For Peak Athletic Performance?

42:17 The Use Of Performances For The Sport

47:16 How To Have An Open Mind About Different Styles

49:56 The Impact Of Social Media On Jump Rope

52:01 Starting Speed Step Training As A Beginner

1:02:16 Mental Framing During Speed Step

1:05:18 Advice For Beginning Speed Step Training

1:16:13 How Speed Step Training Improves Freestyle Skills

1:20:32 The Correct Ropes To Use For Speed Step Training

1:24:10 What Is Jump Rope To You

1:25:14 Double Dutch Exposes Personality

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