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How Declan McCarthy Jumped Every Day for Three Years (#40)

“That’s what I love, just seeing people learn new things. Especially when they’re put in all of that effort and see it pay off.” —Declan McCarthy
On this episode I talk with my good friend Declan McCarthy. We recorded this episode on Dec’s anniversary of jumping everyday for three years. Obviously this guy knows a thing or two about consistency. Dec was one of the first people on the podcast, and we really dig into everything that has happened in the last year or so since we last spoke here. Spoiler: he’s done a lot, and has a lot of valuable things to say about training and long term motivation.
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Show Notes

2:21 Reviewing Last Year
5:03 Dec’s Journey Becoming a Personal Trainer
6:09 Online Training as a CPT
11:47 Exciting Moments as a CPT
13:25 Important Qualities of a Jump Rope Coach
16:12 Dec’s Weight Loss Journey with Jump Rope
18:37 What Have You Learned In Three Years of Jumping?
28:54 Learning Jump Rope Quickly on Instagram
31:56 Jump Rope Goals
36:13 Offering Jump Rope Advice Online
41:05 Jumping Every Day For Three Years
45:06 Advice to Be Consistent
53:27 How Do You Embody Zest?
54:18 Redefining Normal Workouts
56:25 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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