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How Ervin Concepcion Sharpened His Mindset With Sports & Jump Rope (#62)

It’s ok to make mistakes, and it’s also ok to share those failures!” – Ervin Concepcion

Ervin Concepcion started jumping during the beginning of lockdown in 2020, and since then has learned a tremendous amount of skills and even started selling jump ropes to his community in the Philippines. Also this guy has dislocated his shoulder more times than anyone I know and he has a really hilarious way of explaining these injuries, which we get into during the podcast. We also talk about how competitive sports help teach optimism, how to approach selling jump ropes, Ervin’s process learning to jump rope, Ervin’s history playing competitive tennis, and a bunch more.

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Show Notes

1:32 What is the ATPCA?

15:09 When Did You First Pick Up A Jump Rope?

23:47 When Ervin Dislocated His Shoulder Again

28:04 How Ervin Is Motivated To Always Improve

31:36 Adventure Junkie Activities

35:44 Initial Workout Goals With The Jump Rope

40:02 How Long Ervin Jumps

44:19 What Do You Want To Accomplish With Jump Rope?

47:14 Do You Feel Like You Developed Optimism Through Competitive Sports?

49:35 Has Jump Rope Taught You Anything?

50:25 What Is Lukso Jump Rope?

55:44 How To Sell Jump Ropes

1:00:39 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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