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Coaching Hour with Chris Walker (#28)

“At the end of the day that’s what it comes down to—everyone does this to feel healthy and feel good, mentally and physically.” — Chris Walker

This episode is a bit different than the typical format – this is the Coaching Hour with Chris Walker. Chris and I have both been personal trainers for some time, and wanted to bring light to a few subjects and topics that we’ve been asked as trainers. We really dig into some detail on these topics, and discuss the struggle of learning a new skill, what makes a great coach, the importance of stretching, the effectiveness of heavy jump ropes, and more.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

Selected Links

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Emma Trumble

Kelvin’s Sunny D TS

Fee Saghafi

Chari Hawkins (Podcast #15)

Nick Woodard

Mike Fry (The BC McTwister)

Rx Smart Gear

Sonny Smith

Show Notes

1:26 Chris’s Most Recent Performance Experience

13:38 The Struggle of Learning a New Skill

17:04 What Makes a Great Coach?

25:05 The Skills Nate’s Struggled with the Most

32:11 The Importance of Stretching

1:01:26 How Long Does It Take to be a Great Jumper?

1:10:32 Do You Always Have a Jump Rope When You Travel?

1:11:16 If You Made Jump Rope Trivia, What Would the Categories Be?

1:14:20 Mike Fry Invented the Mic Release

1:17:55 Do Heavy Jump Ropes Burn More Calories?

1:28:50 How Do You Train Flow Into Your Sequences?

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  1. rina

    This was such a good episode! Always love to hear from two of my favorite coaches

    • Nate K-G

      I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed the episode Rina!


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