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How To Do The Thing With The Jump Rope Dudes (#54)

“You can’t rely on feeling good to do things. You have to rely on the practice of just doing something consistently all the time.” – Dan Witmer

On this episode I talk with the legendary Jump Rope DudesDan Witmer and Brandon Epstein. These two need no introduction, as they have built a platform delivering jump rope information to hundreds of thousands of people and have brought an incredibly large amount of folks into the jump rope world. Dan and Brandon use jump rope to not only better themselves, but also to impact others and help create lasting positive physical and mental change for so many. We dive into a bunch of different topics about their journey with jump rope, including how both dudes lost a lot of weight with jump rope, the importance of consistency and the Stackin’ Bricks philosophy, a discussion on Mental Fitness Training, some of the dudes most fulfilling moments, and a whole lot more.

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Show Notes

1:16 The JRD Origin Story
6:00 The First Time Picking Up A Rope
10:34 Mental Training In Zen Dude Fitness
13:23 Dan’s Experience with Depression And Anxiety
18:58 What Is Mental Fitness Training?
23:38 The Importance Of Consistency
25:34 Stackin’ Bricks
27:05  Other Sports And Activities
36:53 Making Hip Hop Music Videos
39:09 Has Your Fitness Evolved?
44:26 Best Place To Live
46:57 How To Use Social Media
54:44 What’s Changed Over The Years?
1:01:25 When Was A Time You Felt Fulfilled?
1:09:00 Goals For The Future
1:13:48 Working Through Difficult Decisions
1:19:30 What Have You Learned From Making Videos For Two Years
1:22:16 What Would Your Younger Self Say About You Now?
1:25:20 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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