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Jump Rope Fitness, Coaching Challenges and Longevity with Rachel Jablow (#14)

You can retire from work, but you can never retire from working out” — Rachel Jablow

Rachel Jablow (IG: @get_roped or coaches jump rope classes full time in Chicago, spreading the jump rope flow and helping her clients make some serious fitness gains. As she describes during our conversation, Rachel’s drive to pick up a rope really started with utility. She wanted to get the most impactful workout done in the least amount. Of course, she was hooked after she started (as were the rest of us). We talk about this at length, and many other subjects, including advice for somebody starting a fitness class, changes in the fitness industry, dry needling muscle recovery, overcoming nervousness as a coach, and a whole lot more.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

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Scott Panchik’s Dry Needling Session

Show Notes

Rachel’s Background in Figure Skating (1:23)

Parent’s Influence on Fitness and Current Exercise (7:15)

Fitness for Rachel’s 101 Year Old Grandfather (9:17)

Choices Correlated with 101 Year Old Longevity (11:29)

Judging and Training Figure Skating (15:04)

Mental Blocks and Freezing During Competition (18:05)

Where Jump Rope Began for Rachel (22:38)

Form Adjustment with Injuries (27:26)

Creating a Jump Rope Class (29:37)

The Learner’s Mentality (31:48 )

Nervousness When Coaching (35:23)

First Jump Rope Class (37:11)

Changes in the Fitness Industry and Jump Rope (38:30)

Advice for Somebody Starting a Fitness Class (43:44)

Dry Needling Recovery Tool (47:20)

Maintaining Class Growth Over Time (52:26)

Future Goals for Jump Rope (58:26)

What is Jump Rope to You? (1:04:12)

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