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How to Jump Rope in 2023 (#78)

“Just because a skill looks crazy doesn’t mean its impossible. It comes down to patience and doing the right drills while practicing the right mechanics ” — Nate K-G

The jump rope community has grown tremendously over the last few years as a result of the pandemic. So what better way to start off the year than by a massive episode that details nearly every frequently asked question about jump for all skill levels? So that’s what we’re doing today my dear jump rope friends!

(I’ve also created a new, FREE beginner program with everything you need to get started correctly)

This episode is divided up into a few different parts, starting with Beginner topics like the best gear and the correct skills to practice – all the stuff you might be curious as a new jumper!

From there we’ll get into some intermediate jumping topics, then intermediate “plus,” which is just my way of saying “tough, not tough to the max… tough that’s still doable.”

After that we’ll rock out some advanced topics and then we’ll finish up with some thoughts on Mindset and Trends in the jump rope community.

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Show Notes

01:26 Free Beginner Course

02:27 Nate’s Coaching History

04:19 The Best Jump Rope For Beginners

05:34 Correct Jump Rope Sizing

07:08 The Worst Jump Rope For Beginners

07:45 Should You Use Heavy Ropes As A Beginner?

10:08 Best Shoes For Jump Rope

10:35 Best Surfaces/Mats To Jump On

12:08 Can You Jump Every Day?

13:42 How To Avoid Shin Splints & Knee Pain

15:43 Learning Relaxed Single Under Bounds

16:19 Side Swings vs. Southpaws

17:21 Learn To Jump During Side Swings

18:48 Speed Step Training

21:54 Style Versus Mechanics

22:48 Learn To Jump Slowly

23:25 Spend Time On Efficiency

24:45 How To Structure Freestyle Sessions

26:13 What Are Gogos?

27:04 Gogos vs. Step Throughs

29:38 How To Do The TJ Triple Under

31:09 How To Practice Triple Under Combos

32:35 How To Practice Strength Skills

35:26 Stop Posting For The Algorithm

37:46 Don’t Jump Extremely Fast

38:01 There Are Enough Jump Rope Brands

39:36 Don’t Make New Skill Names

41:02 Coaching vs. Just Giving Tips

43:49 Don’t Limit Yourself

44:37 Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

45:40 How To Measure Your Progress


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