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The Jump Rope Journey (#82)

“Jump rope can really be based on your personality” – Bernadette Henry

There’s been a good chunk of episodes so far, and after looking through some of download stats and getting messages from you all over the years, I’ve decided to start cutting up episodes around a loose theme! There’s a lot of good stuff in some of the older episodes, and a lot of complimentary topics between guests, so I wanted to put it together and see how you all like it.

Today we’re focusing on the jump rope journey and hearing from a few different jumpers to hear about how their journey has developed and the different ways they think about their jumping.

This episode starts with a clip from my interview with Bernadette Henry, where she explains her start as a Boxer style jumper and how her current jumping has evolved into the exact style she wanted.

Then we’ll hear how Francis Feraren’s perception of jump rope has completely changed over the years, going from a simple workout activity to a complete lifestyle

After that we’ll listen to how Dustin Glass found an entire community to connect with and share different jump rope experiences, tips, and tricks.

We’ll switch gears a little after that and hear a piece Mike Fry’s story growing up as a competitive jumper, the intensity of competing, as well as the origin story of the Mic Release. Yup, Mike was there for the creation of the Mic, and he’s arguably the creator of the Mic.

And to wrap things up, we’ll listen to a portion of an unreleased episode with Malini Majithia, who has been on the podcast before, and will be again in a few week’s time. Malini talks about learning to jump rope as a grown adult, the differences of learning over the age of 40, and explaining a little bit of her process with strength skills.

Here’s the links to each of the original episodes:

#71 Bernadette

#69 Francis

#41 Dustin

#7 Mike

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Show Notes

02:03 Bernadette Henry

07:34 Francis Feraren

08:52 Dustin Glass

13:25 Mike Fry

26:35 Malini Majithia



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