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Jump Rope Programming and Athletic Training with Celina Furman (#13)

Ever since I started doing weight training, it is so much easier for me to do quads [and] power-based movements. Cross-training is really important for competitive jumpers.” 

— Celina Furman

Celina Furman (IG: @celina.rea) is a lifelong competitive and performance jump roper, with an extensive history in the sport. She also was a founding member of the A2 jump rope club at the University of Michigan. On top of that, Celina is also completing a PhD in Social Psychology.

Celina and I both have an incredibly specific and detailed approach jump rope training. We’ve both spent a large amount of time digging into the weeds of athletic programming, and come to the table with a similar mindsets. We get into many topics, including alignment corrections for young jumpers, pin trading at jump rope competitions, applying weight training programs to jump rope, favorites places to jump, and a lot more.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

Show Notes

Celina’s Jump Rope Background (1:20)

Celina’s Workouts Routine (4:05)

Teaching YMCA Camp (7:08)

Flight Crew (8:40)

University of Michigan Jump Rope Team (10:39)

Competitive History (11:30)

Changes in the Sport (12:57)

Pin Trading at Jump Rope Competitions (13:54)

Early Life Lessons from Competitive Jump Rope (16:07)

Present-Day Lessons Learned from Jump Rope (19:11)

Hobbies Outside of Jump Rope (23:40)

Being Hooked on Jump Rope (24:11)

Favorite Place to Jump (24:45)

Competitive Vs. Performance Jump Rope (25:30)

Bad Stages for Performances (28:29)

Jump Rope Injuries (29:27)

Weight Training and Jump Rope (37:00)

Imbalance and Alignment Corrections for Young Jumpers (38:47)

What is Jump Rope to You? (42:23)

Selected Links

Bouncing Bulldogs

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Flight Crew

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Jumpin Allstars

Susahnn Valente-Olsen

Eddie Yacynych

Ben Broughton

Austin Casselbury

Devin Meek

Kaylee Couvillion-Woodard

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