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Jump Rope Training in Track and Field with Professional Athlete Chari Hawkins (#15)

When you really don’t put your worth on how you do but instead on how you respond to how you do… Wow! Think about how much more fun everything is!

— Chari Hawkins

Chari Hawkins (IG: @_charihawkins) is a Team USA Heptathlete competing on an international level. As she describes during our conversation, Rachel’s drive to pick up a rope really started with utility. Chari uses jump rope for her training, but she’s primarily focused on her sport, so we spend a little less time on jump rope specifics. However, Chari brings a lot to the table with fitness knowledge and mental strengthening, and she definitely delivers in this episode. We discuss a lot, including 7 hour workouts, using jump rope for volleyball training, the importance of recovery, pursuing progress vs perfection, and more.

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Chari Hawkins – Pursuit of Progress

Show Notes

1:26 Chari’s Athletic History

4:14 Chari’s Competitive Accomplishments

5:12 Using Jump Rope for Volleyball Training

7:47 What is Jump Rope to You?

11:33 Using Jump Rope During Warm Up for Track and Field

13:44 Training as an Elite Athlete

15:50 7-Hour Workouts

19:01 Managing a Healthy Relationship with Food

24:02 Why Chari Wants to Compete in the Olympics

29:54 The Importance of Recovery

36:38 Career as a Professional Athlete

38:54 Pursuing Progress vs. Perfection

44:44 Overcoming Anxiety During Competition

53:06 Creating Goals Instead of Hopes

1:01:19 How Chari Maintains Her Drive

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