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How To Start Jump Roping The Right Way with Jump Rope Veteran (#66)

Published On March 26, 2021

The sky is not really the limit, the sky is the beginning with jump rope!” —Jude Coe

I’ve been connected with Jude Coe aka Jump Rope Veteran for around a year now and I’ve been watching him consistently put out very thoughtful, objective videos about jump rope over on his YouTube channel. It was about time we had a formal chat, and boy did he deliver! We talk about so many different subjects in this episode, including the top things to know as a beginner jump roper, why Jude is so passionate about making objective videos, regression analysis of heart rate, how jump rope helps self-esteem, and so much more.

Do not miss the show notes on this one because the links to the books and references are most likely going to be life changing. Specifically make sure to check out the Desdirata poem. If you’re looking for a swift hit of positivity and calm, that’ll do the trick. Also make sure to checkout his YouTube page @JumpRopeVeteran because there’s a bunch of great videos over there, including his podcast where he also talks with jumpers.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcher and Overcast.

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Show Notes

01:48 Where Jude Is In The World & How He Started Jumping 13:38 Jude’s Thoughts On Health 18:02 The Mission Of Jump Rope Veteran 23:06 Negative Side Effects Of Choosing The Wrong Jump Rope 26:42 Marketing Optimization In Jump Rope 31:44 Jude’s Beginner Training 35:38 Jude’s Current Workouts 36:56 How Jumping Rope Helps Running Endurance 40:03 Did You Ever Expect To Be Jumping This Much? 41:16 Jude’s Hobbies 45:24 Regression Analysis Of Heart Rate 48:38 The Origin of Jude’s Drive 51:39 Future Goals With Jump Rope 53:45 Jude’s Favorite Jump Rope Skill? 53:55 The Most Frustrating Skill To Learn 54:28 How Jump Rope Helps Self-Esteem 55:21 Thoughts On Comparison 56:50 Top Things To Know As A Beginner Jumper 57:36 Sales Vs. Mission 59:57 How To Take The Leap To Get Started With Jumping 1:02:09 Were Advanced Jump Rope Skills Intimidating? 1:03:27 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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  1. Lisa Pacarynuk

    Hello, note that the show notes for #65 are incorrect! I just started listening and am enjoying very much. Thanks for all you are doing.

    • Nate K-G

      Hey Lisa! Thanks for the heads up – I’ve just corrected the notes 🙂 I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying the podcast!


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