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Kait Simpson & Robbie Csontos – Routine Building 101, Peak Athletic Age, and Renaming Old Skills (#79)

Just freaking go for it! [When it gets to finals], there’s no reason in my mind to hold back anything. Either win big or lose big.” — Robbie Csontos

Kait Simpson and Robbie Csontos are two legends of the competitive jump rope space!

We get into the weeds with competitive jump rope culture in this episode, and it’s awesome! If you’re not a competitive jumper, you’ll still dig it but just know that we bring up a bunch of references here

We get into a LOT during our conversion, including the skills that Kait and Robbie have created, Kait’s detailed process for creating new competitive routines, why Robbie does the hardest tricks he can in his routines, and how both of their jumping has evolved over the years.

We also get into some other topics like the injuries Robbie has had (and powered through during competitions), the trend of renaming skills that have existed for a long time, whether or not there’s a peak age for a competitive jump rope athlete, and a lot more.

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Click here to read the full transcript of this episode.


Show Notes

01:26 How Kait & Robbie Started Jump Roping

02:59 How Robbie’s Jumping Has Evolved Over The Years

06:06 How Kait’s Jumping Has Evolved Over The Years

07:38 How Kait Creates Competitive Jump Rope Routines

10:48 How Robbie Creates Competitive Jump Rope Routines

15:29 How Kait Makes Lists Of Combos For Her Competitive Routines

17:55 How Kait Creates Jump Rope Routines For Circus Acts

21:48 Why Robbie Does The Hardest Tricks He Can In His Competitive Routines

28:38 Robbie’s Injuries

36:18 Why Robbie Uses A Beaded Rope

40:19 Skills Kait Created

47:50 Old Skills Given New Names

50:14 Skills Robbie Created

58:55 Robbie’s Top Competition Memories

01:01:40 Kait’s Top Competition Memories

01:10:28 Kait’s Coaching History

01:13:57 Is There A Peak Age For Competitive Jumpers?

01:16:52 Robbie’s Coaching History

01:23:41 Kait & Robbie’s Relationship Story

01:29:07 What Is Jump Rope To You?


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