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Building The Sport of Jump Rope with Kaylee and Nick Woodard (#57)

The biggest thing is having a plan. If [the kids] know what they’re shooting for, now they have a purpose to learn [jump rope skills]!” —Nick Woodard

Kaylee and Nick are back on the podcast and they absolutely delivered. If you haven’t heard our first conversation, you should definitely go check that out. And just as a quick reminder, Kaylee and Nick are both world champions many times over, Kaylee has been jumping for 22 years has a degree in Kinesiology, a masters in Exercise Science, and a PhD in Motor Behavior & Sport Psychology. Nick has been jumping for over 26 years and has earned 4 Double Dutch context world titles, 5 national championship titles, and 14 world championship titles. He’s travelled to 30 US states and has been to 16 countries across 5 continents.

In this episode, we discuss the growth of recreational jump rope, how becoming an Olympic sport will help jump rope, maintaining our core values as the sport grows, how to stay motivated when jumping by yourself, and a whole lot more.

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Show Notes

1:12 How To Create Long Term Coaches In The Sport

4:53 Recreational Jump Rope

8:11 How To Build Recreational Jump Rope

14:12 Jump Rope & Business

17:04 What Is The Current State Of Recreational Jump Rope

23:46 The Olympics

30:53 Benefits Of Being An Olympic Sport

34:38 Maintaining The Core Values Of Jump Rope

52:43 Training For Competition

1:04:02 Detailed Training Method

1:11:56 Motivation & Jumping Solo

1:16:30 How To Transition To College Jumping

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