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Kenzie Christensen – Growing the Next Generation of Jumpers, Transitioning to Collegiate Jumping, and Performing with Flight Crew (#80)

“Everyone has different backgrounds and were raised differently [and] I love that. And then you come into a team, and you just have to figure out how to work together, which I think strengthens everyone individually” – Kenzie Christensen

Kenzie Christensen is a long time competitive jump roper and member of Flight Crew Jump Rope Team

We get into loads of details about growing up in the competitive jump rope world, which was super fun! If you’re not a competitive jumper just a heads up that there will be some specific references, but you’ll still really dig this episode.

We talk about so much in our conversation, including growing up in the sport of jump rope, how Kenzie’s competitive training improved over the years, why speed step isn’t as popular as freestyle, and the growth of jump rope organizations over the last decade or so.

We also get into the jump rope club Kenzie started in College, how that club put on workshops for the local elementary school, the differences between coaching youth competitive jumpers versus adult recreational jumpers, and a whole lot more!

Click here to read the full transcript of this episode.

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Selected Links

Just Jumpin Jump Rope Team

Summerwind Skippers

Montana Super Skippers

Utah State Jump Rope Club

National Collegiate Jump Rope Association


Proform Airborne

Lee Reisig

Chris Walker

Flight Crew Jump Rope



Click here to read the full transcript of this episode.


Show Notes

01:20 How Kenzie Became A Competitive Jump Roper

03:45 How Kenzie Trained For Competitions

04:41 Why Isn’t Speed Step More Popular?

08:32 The Different Ropes Kenzie’s Used

11:20 How Kenzie’s Competitive Training Progressed

16:25 How Kenzie Started A Jump Rope Club In College

25:48 Kenzie’s Favorite Competition Year

28:14 Competition Routines Vs. Performance Routines

31:03 How Jump Rope Has Impacted Kenzie’s Profession

32:54 Managing Chronic Knee Injury

36:59 How Kenzie’s Jump Rope Goals Have Evolved

39:36 How The Sport Of Jump Rope Has Grown Over The Years

41:38 The Rise Of Adult Recreational Jumpers During The Pandemic

46:09 Coaching Youth Competitive Jumpers Vs. Adult Recreational Jumpers

52:25 What Kenzie Has Learned From Jump Rope

56:49 What Is Jump Rope To You?

58:32 Kenzie’s Favorite Flight Crew Performances



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