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Trial & Error Builds Jump Rope Skill With LA Sarmiento (#59)

I live by the code, ‘Ever try, ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.'” – LA Sarmiento

LA Sarmiento is a jumper in the Philippines and previous student of mine. I’ve spent a good amount of time coaching LA, but this is the first time we really had a long chat, and boy did he deliver! We dive deep into a lot of topics, including how LA has managed his asthma with sports, his experience with competitive tennis and how that has influenced his jumping, why trial and error is foundational to both jump rope and programming, maintaining an optimistic mindset, and a bunch more!

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Show Notes

2:13 LA’s Multisport Team

4:36 LA’s History With Tennis

7:20 Jump Rope During Tennis Practice

10:53 How LA Manages Asthma

14:33 Obstacle Course Racing

17:31 Why LA Is So Disciplined

21:00 Learning Jump Rope From The Internet

23:50 Discovering The Full Context Of Jump Rope

25:33 Trial & Error

29:15 The Process Of Becoming A Programmer

32:32 Have You Had Any “Failures?”

35:02 One Of The Hardest Skills For LA

39:45 What Are Your Goals With Jump Rope?

46:09 What Has Jump Rope Taught You?

49:23 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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