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Live Recording: Round Robin Jump Rope Discussion (#9)

It’s just like any other sport—if you want to be great at basketball, swimming or soccer, you have to put in the work.” — Mike Fry

Two weeks before this episode originally aired, which was mid-June 2019, Mike Fry and I held a jump rope workshop in Los Angeles, California and had a whole bunch of local jumpers come out. It was an absolute blast, and at the end, we decided to test out a new live podcast format. So, in this episode we’ll hear from several jumpers. We start with a brief interview with my friend Fausto, and then we transition into a round robin style of Q&A where anyone at the workshop can ask anyone else a question. This episode is shorter than usual, but we still get into some interesting topics about how boxers use jump ropes, what my favorite jump rope skill is, and what it feels like to win a world jump rope championship.

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