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Live! A Chat With Bav About All Things Jump Rope & Self Esteem (#63)

If you look back on your own mental health triumphs, you can use that in the future to win further battles.” —Bav

This episode of the podcast is a little bit different than others. A while back I did a random Instagram live and my friend Bav jumped on the live. The intention was just to chit chat, but we went deep and ended up recording an entire podcast episode! Keep in mind that this is a very raw conversation, meaning the audio isn’t the sharpest, but everything still comes through. We talk about so many different topics, but the real highlight of our conversation is staying authentic online and avoiding the pitfalls of social media by being very real with yourself. It’s all jump rope related, but a little deeper than just that. All of that comes later in the podcast, so feel free to skip forward if you want to hear that first.

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