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LJ LaVecchia – Rethinking Competitive Jump Rope, Breaking Bones & Becoming A World Champion (#64)

Trying something new terrifies me. It’s just that some people are better at handling that [fear], and the reason people are better at handling that is because they’ve done it more” —LJ LaVecchia

LJ LaVecchia is a competitive jumper and world champion many times over. He’s incredible and I was super excited to sit down with him and chat about his jump rope journey. We talk about a lot of different subjects, including how to approach the sport differently by adjusting the competition format, how LJ has broken ones by doing simple skills, the mindset it takes to become a world champion, methods for training a single rope freestyle routine, and a lot more.

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Show Notes

01:26 How LJ First Started Jumping

02:44 LJ’s Favorite Accomplishments

06:12 How LJ Trained To Be A World Champion

12:10 Engineers & Jump Rope

16:12 Jump Rope Builds Intelligence

18:30 How LJ Trained His Single Freestyle Routine

20:16 LJ’s Curiosity With All Sports

23:22 Back To LJ’s Single Freestyle Training

36:05 How LJ Tests New Skills

38:39 Are Big Double Dutch Skills Dying Out?

43:46 How LJ Started His Profession As A Stuntman

50:22 LJ’s Epic Fails

58:23 New Competitive Jump Rope Leagues

1:11:07 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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