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Luke Boon – World Class Jump Rope Training & The Importance Of Mental Benchmarks (#65)

Published On February 19, 2021

It’s not how much you do, it’s what you do during your training.” —Luke Boon

Luke Boon is one of the most decorated jump rope athletes in the history of the sport. He’s a world record holder, a 28 time world champion, and coaches youth, adults and other elite competitive jumpers through his company Jump Force International. Luke has a wealth of knowledge and I know there are going to be several unlocks for you during this episode.

We talk about so many great subjects, including how to train freestyle at world class level, how to count your own triple under reps correctly, how and why Luke takes notes for all things jump rope, the importance of mental benchmarks on your speed scores, and a whole lot more. This entire episode is jam packed with awesomeness, but my favorite part is when we discuss speed training towards the second half of the episode. Luke trained new youth jumpers to reach a 30 second speed score of 87 in only 9 weeks. That blew my mind, and you absolutely do not want to miss how he achieved that incredible accomplishment.

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Show Notes

02:20 Why Bav Was In A Creative Rut
09:05 Why Do You Need To Post On Social Media?
22:14 Do It For You
30:03 Creating Jump Rope Tutorials
32:54 When Did You Start Jumping?
36:23 How To View Misses
42:33 Bav’s Jump Rope Training Schedule
45:08 Has The Jump Rope Helped You With Anything?
46:29 Building Confidence With Jump Rope
49:24 Why Bav Chose Engineering
55:18 How Engineering, Programming And Jump Rope Are Similar
58:25 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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