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Putting People First with Max Bennasar (#56)

[My client] told me I saved her life with jump rope. As an architect and an engineer, I never had that from a client.” —Max Bennesar

Max Bennasar is a jump rope coach in Panama, and we have become friends over the last few years via the Instagram community. We’ve talked a lot through DM, but this is first time we had a chance to sit down and really go through Max’s history with jump rope. He is doing a phenomenal job coaching Primal Jump Rope at his gym, and we dig into so many topics, including what Primal Jump Rope workouts are, how Max started jumping when he was six years old and how his skills evolved throughout his life, why Max entered a rowing competition, a few of the ways jump rope can strengthen the mind, and a whole lot more.

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Show Notes

1:43 Where Max Grew Up

3:19 What Types of Sports Have You Done?

5:12 When Did You Decide To Get Fit?

8:14 First Training For Rowing

10:55 What Was Your Training Regimen For Rowing?

13:21 Jump Rope In School

15:16 Max’s Jump Rope In School (In Spanish)

16:38 Jump Rope As A Teenager

20:00 The Results Of Max’s First Rowing Race

23:05 Engineering, Architecture And Jump Rope

28:25 Jump Rope Strengthens The Mind

37:34 Why Create A Jump Rope Business?

57:58 What Motivates Max As A Coach

59:56 Max’s Motivation To Lose Weight (In Spanish)

1:00:36 How Is Primal Jump Rope Doing Today?

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