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Mimi Youss and the Contagious Enthusiasm of Jump Rope (#21)

I had to stop jumping rope just for weight loss reasons—it can be something contagiously fun.” — Mimi Youss

In this episode I have chat with Mimi Youss (@mimiyouu). I’ve followed Mimi for quite some time now, and always enjoy her attitude and outdoor jumping sessions. If you haven’t seen her jump, I highly recommend checking her page over on instagram for some jump rope greatness. We cover a lot of territory in this conversation and go over Mimi’s experience competing in track and field, why she doesn’t post all of her training sessions, how Mimi developed her style, and a whole lot more! 

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

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Jump Rope Dudes

Sonny Smith

Bernadette Henry

Show Notes

1:42 Where Are You in the World?

3:14 Sports Mimi Has Tried

6:55 Competing in Track and Field

10:25 How Mimi Found Jump Rope

11:36 Working Out in Parks vs. Gyms

12:55 How Mimi Developed Her Style

19:50 The Jump Rope Learning Curve

21:44 Shin Splints

22:39 Mimi’s First Training Session vs. Now

26:25 Programming HIIT Workouts

28:17 Not Posting Freestyle Trainings

30:55 Mimi’s Vibrant Personality

34:33 Why Mimi Chooses Certain Skills

38:41 Unlocking New Skills

40:27 Jumping with Bernadette Henry

42:56 Future Goals with Jump Rope

44:37 It’s Never Too Late to Start Jumping Rope

46:41 What Is Jump Rope to You?

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