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Mindset, Creativity and Jump Rope Skill Acquisition – 2019 Review (#20)

If there’s ever a high to chase, it’s the high that I get every time I am finished working out.” — Sonny Smith

Usually I interview a guest on the show, but this episode is a little bit different. At the time this episode is being published, it is the beginning of 2020, and I figured what better way to start the year than by doing a quick review of lessons learned in 2019. So, I have put together 6 different clips from a few of the past interviews. This episode includes excerpts from my interviews with Mike Fry, Susahnn Valente-Olsen, Devin Meek, Chari Hawkins, Michelle Fongson and Sonny Smith.

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Mike Fry

Susahnn Valente-Olsen

Devin Meek

Chari Hawkins

Michelle Fongson

Sonny Smith

Show Notes

00:45 Mike Fry – Jumping Enough for Your Goals

06:48 Susahnn Valente-Olsen – Skill Sheets and Balancing Play with Progress

12:52 Devin Meek – The Simple and Highly Effective Way to Grow Your Creativity

14:38 Chari Hawkins – Progress Over Perfection and Cultivating a Sustainable Mindset Around Your Accomplishments 

26:48 Michelle Fongson – Training Speed Scores and Not Raising the Bar Too High Too Quickly

34:52 Sonny Smith – The Power of Jump Rope on Mental Health

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