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Creating Optimism Through Jump Rope With Noel Agra (#51)

“Fitness is a lifestyle, not a permanent destination.” — Noel Agra

Lately I have been getting to know a lot of the jumpers from the Philippines, and I quickly came to learn about Noel Agra as he is the President of the Philippine Jump Rope Association. We dig into so much good stuff on this episode, including how the PJRA was formed, Noel’s background as a chef working at some very prestigious restaurants across the globe, how to cultivate an optimistic mindset by running into obstacles, growing and adapting your fitness strategies over time, and a whole lot more. 

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Show Notes

01:15 How Noel Became A Chef
02:53 How Being A Chef Has Taught Noel To Be An Adult
08:33 The Favorite Dish Noel Has Made
11:10 What Does Your Fitness Look Like?
16:01 How Noel Began Obstacle Course Racing
18:47 How Have You Built Optimism?
21:18 How Did You Begin Structuring Jump Rope Workouts?
24:07 Making Time For Fitness
30:49 How Was PJRA Created?
32:38 What Are Some Goals Of PJRA?
35:16 How Does The Board Of PJRA Approach Growth?
36:19 Benefits Of Partnering With The Philippine Olympic Committee
43:33 Have You Used Other Countries To Model Organizational Decisions?
52:53 What Is Your Favorite Jump Rope Skill?
57:46 Unique Qualities Of Different Jumpers
1:00:20 What Is Jump Rope To You?
1:10:27 Obstacles Are Opportunities

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