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Nutrition, Best Jump Rope, Shin Splints & More! (#55)

The piece that people miss is that they have the power to create their experience on social media. It’s not just happening to you.” —Nate K-G

This episode is another Q&A where I have my great friend Malini Majithia host and moderate all of the questions that were asked via Instagram. You all asked me some really awesome questions, and I answered with a LOT of detail. I think you’ll really dig not only the educational information I provide, but also the hilarious banter between Malini and I. This is a packed episode where I chat about how to get the right nutrition, avoiding shin splints and why you get them in the first place, the size of my calves, how to be analytical, wholesome jump rope community moments, and a bunch more.

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Show Notes

1:18 Best Beginner Jump Rope 5:21 Top Three Best Ropes For Freestyle 11:12 Worst Jump Rope 17:40 The Importance Of Cross Training 22:11 How Thick Are Nate’s Calves? 24:12 Shin Splints 26:27 Wholesome Jump Rope Community Moments 34:00 Love/Hate Relationship With Social Media 48:54 What Type Of Bear Is Best? 49:52 Other Activities Help Jump Rope 52:15 How To Practice Skills 55:49 The One Thing I Hate, But Can Do Well 1:03:48 How To Build Analytical Skills 1:06:58 How To Stay Spicy 1:08:05 Why Are Strict Triples Hard? 1:09:24 How Many Beads To Have On Your Rope 1:13:05 Standard Skill Names 1:14:40 Federation Association 1:15:10 Discovering Ramen 1:16:15 Nutrition 1:22:06 Hosting Meetups 1:23:13 IG Combos

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