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Pakhung – The Life Of A Competitive Jump Roper (#68)

Published On October 8, 2021

“There was always a thought that I wanted to retire, [but] there is always a reason that pulls me back into jump rope.” – Pakhung

Pakhung is a world champion jumper, the founder of Ultra Jump Rope, and an all-around great guy. If you haven’t seen Pak jump, you need to go check out his jumping on Instagram. We originally connected over Instagram and had an immediate in-depth conversation about all things competitive jump rope, so we’ve brought a lot of that to today’s show. We talk about competitive speed step training, changing jump rope goals during Covid-times, Pak’s program he’s building for recreational jumpers, the intense demands of being a competitive jumper, and a whole lot more.

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Show Notes

01:36 When Pakhung Started Jumping Rope
03:20 How Pakhung Learned To Jump Rope
05:11 Hong Kong Competitive Jump Rope Teams
08:06 Training Solo As A Competitive Jump Roper
12:00 How Pakhung Designs Freestyle Jump Rope Routines
18:31 Structuring Speed Step Training For Competition
20:52 Changing Jump Rope Goals During Covid-19
24:08 Pak’s Program For Recreational Jump Ropers & Jump Rope Coaches
33:42 How Pak Became A Photographer
35:44 Why Pak Founded His Jump Rope Club
37:49 The Demands Of Being A Competitive Jump Roper
42:34 Pak’s Jump Rope App
46:42 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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  1. Andrea Barrett

    I’m relatively new to jump rope, and I’m really enjoying your podcasts, Nate! I’ve been following Pak on IG for a bit and I had no idea he only started at 15 years old. It’s very cool to hear about the journeys of each of your guests.

    • Nate K-G

      Yea I was surprised as well! He’s such an incredible jumper – you know he put in some serious work to get up to his level of jumping haha 🙌


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