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The Life of Professional Jump Roper Mike Fry (#07)

“There’s other things I’m interested in, but nothing has ever taken hold of every molecule of my being the way that jump rope has.” — Mike Fry

Mike Fry (IG: @letsjumpla) is not only a world champion jump roper, but also a professional jump rope coach, a consistent driving force in our jump rope community, and one of my close friends. Mike and I have spent many, many hours discussing all things jump rope, and we were both extremely happy to put a piece of our conversation on tape and out into the world. We cover so many topics, including how to find inspiration for jump rope skills, what it was like to practice his team routine with the Heartbeats (which happens to be my favorite team routine ever), avoiding negative self-talk with clear goal setting, and a huge list of throwback videos, people, history, and all sorts of jump rope goodness.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

Selected Links


Jump! Documentary

BC McTwister Video

Heartbeats Team Routine

Summerwind Skippers

Summerwind Skippers ‘Jai Ho’ Team Routine (Version 1 / Version 2)

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 

USA Jump Rope Allstars Team Promo Video

Bouncing Bulldogs

Nate’s Old Jump Rope Challenge Video

Workshop Saturday Promo Video

IJRU – International Jump Rope Union

Nick Woodard

Jeff Maus

Dylan Plummer

Alex Costa

Lee Reisig

Deana Peña

Kyle Esguerra

Lisa Brown

Zac Tomlinson

Zev Toxler

Shaun Hamilton

Shane Winsor

Nigel Angold

Kathy Weninger

Adrienn Banhegyi

Kata Banhegyi

Rene Bibaud

Peter Nestler

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