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Sebastian Deeg – The Value Of Patience And Fundamentals To Accelerate Your Jump Rope Journey (#70)

Technique is something very important that you should focus on from the very beginning. Because when you start with bad technique and your coach is not giving you the right advice, you keep the bad technique and that will have an impact on your muscles, joints, bones, wrists… and you don’t want to injure yourself.” – Sebastian Deeg

Sebastian Deeg has been jumping for over two decades and was one of the first jumpers I found when I started jumping. As you’ll hear about in our chat, I used to re-watch his videos frame by frame, over and over and over. Please do yourself a massive favor and check out the videos that are linked in the show notes below – you will not want to miss them!

We discuss so many different topics, including advice for beginner recreational jumpers, thoughts on leaving competition and becoming a “former” competitive jumper, the importance of being patient and working on fundamentals, what it takes to be an elite jump rope athlete, and loads more.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify, Google, Stitcher and Overcast.

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Show Notes

01:50 When Sebastian Started Jump Roping

05:00 How Has The Sport Of Jump Rope Evolved Over Several Decades?

07:32 Sebastian’s First World Championship Competition

10:39 How Sebastian’s Competitive Training Evolved

14:48 Has Jump Rope Ever Stopped Being Fun?

16:08 Why Sebastian Created The ‘Go Hard Or Go Home’ Series

20:55 Learning Jump Rope Now Vs. 20 Years Ago

22:32 How Sebastian Learned So Many Different Skills

24:17 Sebastian’s Best Competitive Season

28:37 Sebastian’s Least Favorite Skill

30:50 Rope Dunk Battle With Lee Reisig

33:45 What Sebastian Wants To Accomplish With Jump Rope In The Future

36:44 Interests Other Than Jump Rope

38:26 Starting Late As A Competitive Jump Roper

40:34 Separating Jump Rope From Professional Life

43:07 Does Jumping Rope Make You Smarter?

50:02 Lesson Learned From Jump Rope

53:11 Advice For Beginner Recreational Jumpers

57:03 Advice For Competitive Jumpers

01:03:06 Unlocking Really Hard Skills

01:05:14 How Would Your Younger Self View Your Current Self?

01:07:09 What Is Jump Rope To You?

01:09:04 Transitioning Out Of Competitive Jump Rope

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  1. Andrea Barrett

    Another awesome podcast! This was so great to listen to and it totally validated my plan of really learning the basics.

    • Nate K-G

      Basics are where it’s at! Trying new, harder skills is definitely fun and should be a part of the journey, but those basics… They make everything so much easier and give new options for combos/skills!


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